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Aula Inaugural do PPGI - Turma 2016

Agenda da aula inaugural do PPGI e aviso sobre início das aulas
Convidamos todos os alunos e professores para a aula inagural do PPGI deste ano. Além da apresentação do PPGI, dos professores e dos novos alunos, contaremos esse ano com um palestrante internacional, o Prof. Armin Stein da University of Münster (Alemanha).
Local: Auditório do CCET
Horário: 07 de março de 2016 às 18h
1) Boas vindas do Decano do CCET - Prof. Luiz Amancio Jr.  (18h)
2) Apresentação do PPGI - Prof. Kate Revoredo (18h - 18h30min)
3) Apresentação dos Professores do PPGI (durante a apresentacao do PPGI) 
4) Apresentação da Representação Discente (18h30min-19h)
5) Apresentação dos alunos (durante a apresentação da Representação Discente)
5) Palestra: "O que é o mestrado/doutorado?" - Prof. Gleison Santos (19h - 19h30min) 
7) Apresentação "O que é o mestrado?" -  Pedro Richetti, ex-Aluno do PPGI (19h30min - 19h45min)
8) Palestra Prof. Armin Stein "Conducting Rigour IS Research that Matters – Insights into IS PhD Studies in Germany" (20h) (ver abaixo mais detalhes)

Palestra Convidada

Title: Conducting Rigour IS Research that Matters – Insights into IS PhD Studies in Germany

Abstract: The are various ways to conduct research in the Information Systems' (IS) Discipline. While especially the US American perspective on IS is a very sociological one, the eastern-european perspective is way more computer science-oriented. While the former one deals especially with understanding the effect of information systems on the society, the latter one often puts an emphasis especially on design and implementation of IT artefacts. The central-european approach is - in many cases - a combination of both, trying to do research on information systems by understanding their impact, deriving means for improvement, and, subsequently, to design and implement them accordingly. For about a decade, this research follows the Design Science Research (DSR) approach, which differentiates pure software development from an academic approach to IT artefact development. It supports not only the experienced researcher in building good and theoretically grounded IT artefacts, but also IS PhD students on their path to their graduation.
In his talk, Armin will present the Münster understanding of Information Systems, the IS PhD education, and the efforts made to rigorously follow the DSR approach to deliver high quality PhD theses. Furthermore, Armin will exemplify this by briefly presenting a specific case.

Short Bio: Armin is Managing Director of the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS). He received his PhD from the University of Münster, Germany in 2010 (for thesis, which, in fact, resulted in a DSR artefact). Armin’s research focuses on Business Process Management, and in particular on Conceptual Information Modelling and Workflow Management. Aside from that, Armin also supports research on Diversity in the IS Workforce, and is interested in IS Education. His research has been presented at conferences such as ECIS and ER and has been published in journals such as BISE, CAIS, IJIOME, or EMISA. In addition to his management activities, Armin is senior lecturer for BPM and Workflow Management at the University of Münster.

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